Lyrical, Easy-to-sing Melodies
Spiritually Strengthening Lyrics
     Reassuring  Thoughts of    
     Comfort for Every Day
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YSylvia Senchuk
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Fourteen lyrical, easy-to-sing melodies nestled with
reassuring  thoughts of comfort for every day

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Tool for Caretakers
Tool for Meditating
Music Thanatology
See “Thanatology” below

“Go To The Light”
is specifically intended for Hospice, but also may
be used as a spiritual tool for moving to a higher
plane, each time expanding your Light of
consciousness and advancement on your journey.

“Go To The Light” initiates the listener to a
higher vibration and a feeling of being
surrounded with love, proceeding with soothing,
up-lifting music designed for releasing energy out
of the crown (head) chakra enabling a smooth
transition to the other side of this earth plane.

“Go To The Light is designed to create an
atmosphere for releasing out of the physical
body.  With her permission, “Go To The Light”
has been formulated from the teachings of Anya
Foos-Graber, from her book:   “Deathing”.  
Anya recommends that the six meditations be
practised daily so one will be fully prepared at
the time of transition. It is very important that
the care-taker prepare a very still and quiet
environment.  Using a set of headphones might
resolve a difficult situation.  Releasing from the
physical form of energy, can be scary.  This
music and meditation will give control and
confidence in the process and a deep inner
knowing that all is well.


Study of the Death Sciences

Music designed to assist the dying
No beat, No rhythm,
Spaces of Silence
Floating melodies

Music Thanatology 
In the process of researching the healing effects of sound, I discovered that toning, chanting, singing
and humming, along with floating instrumental melodies, have been recommended as an excellent tool for
preparing to leave the body.
While music therapy is music that is used to engage a person into movement and activity, music
thanatology is music designed to disengage the body from the physical realm.
The mechanical noises of this world and especially of the hospital, are not congruent with releasing out
of the body.  Chanting and soothing  music helps lift the dying person out of the entrainment of the
beeps, buzzing,horns, clashing trays, into a higher frequency, as the LIGHT.  Gregorian chants have
been sung at least since the 6th century and have been used for meditation because there is no time
signature, no beat, no rhythm, just a floating, soothing melody.