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YSylvia Senchuk
At Sylvia’s Studio

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Release daily stress
Amazingly refreshing
Lifts you up to a higher plane
Excellent Tools for Hospice

Step inside these pure serene sounds of
birds singing,babbling brook, rain falling,
vibes,strings, pan pipes, xylophone, chimes,
and piano, allowing nothing to interfere, to
be totally immersed into the stillness
of the now moment, elapsing into eternity.
I recommend only listening, sitting or laying
down to go into a deep space of meditation or
altered consciousness. Just like listening to a
babbling brook, one must go sit beside it to
become a part of the surroundings and
sounds. In lieu of allowing the babbling brook
to become background sounds one may or may
not be conscious of, be sure to go to the
brook or in this case the music. Be embraced
by the music. Floating on these vibrations
can lift you up and out of  negativity for
relief and refreshment, providing a
spaciousness of oneness with Life and the
Source of Our Being.

“Elapse Into Eternity” is designed for relaxing, deep meditations or can be used as a
tool for connecting to the Light or altering consciousness.
I recommend that “Elapse Into Eternity” also be used for the dying experience,
because it is so deeply relaxing. One automatically goes to a deeper place, to be
refreshed, discover healing or to let go of daily stress. 
Please take heed, there is a
warning on the front of the CD, do not drive a vehicle while listening.
  It is best to be
sitting down or laying down, with no other interferences.  The listener must go to the
music, going inside the sounds to be lifted to another dimension.
Every experience could be different.

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