Lyrical, Easy-to-sing Melodies
Spiritually Strengthening Lyrics
     Reassuring  Thoughts of    
     Comfort for Every Day
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YSylvia Senchuk
At Sylvia’s Studio

 Vocal CD Album
“Sparkles of Serenity” ——Based on A.C.I.M.
Catchy Melodies with
Spiritually Strengthening Lyrics
Employs 6 singers, guitarist, Djembe drum,
American flute, pan pipe, piano,chimes, vibes
flute, percussion, & bass guitar
Songbook and Score
Companions for “Sparkles of Serenity”
Instrumental CD Albums
“Aglow” —–Easy Listening
“Elapse into eternity” —–Meditational
“Endearing Hymns” —– Familiar Church Hymns
“Go to the Light”——Music Thanatology

Introducing Sylvia Marie Senchuk
Music Educator/Church Musician        

My aim in life is to bring joy to the world by sharing music that brings deep realizations of inner peace, eternal
serenity and a knowing of feeling loved and safe.  I have a masters in Church Music because I love to underline
spiritual truths with music, allowing this high vibration that lift the truths of our reality to the forefront,
bringing universal truths into our daily living. Since I have been studying the A.C.I.M and Universal principals, I
was deeply inspired to compose songs based on these truths. I also have done research in music therapy and
music for the dying. As I realized that soothing melodies, spaciousness, lingering tones, allows the listener to go
deep into the now moment, opening the portal to discovering the Kingdom of God that lives within us, I realized
that my albums are a vital tool for bringing deep inner peace to all those who truly listen.

B.A.:  Alderson-Broaddus College
M.C.M.:  Southern BaptistTheological Seminary
       Masters of Church Music
Teaching Certificate:  Olivet College
       Elementary Music Education